What is SimplifyCondoReserves?

Spreadsheet Program Created by a CPA

The Reserve Program will take you through a step-by-step, easy to follow process detailing what information is needed, where to get it from, how to enter the information into the Program, and even how to interpret / use the results, all with no previous reserve experience required!

Do-It-Yourself Reserve Study & Calculations

Determine Capital Asset Reserves on your own, with no prior experience! Complete your Association's Reserve Study at a fraction of the cost that a professional firm would charge!

One Time Fee, Use For Initial Study & Updates

After the one time purchase of the Reserve Program, can use to prepare your initial Reserve Study and also to update the annual reserve amounts at no additional cost!

Money-Back Guarantee... If You Can't Use It, Your Money Back!

Are you a condominium association board member?

This program is for you.

Determine Capital Asset Reserves On Your Own

The Reserve Program includes a complete list of what specific information needs to be gathered, as well as tips on where and how to go about obtaining this high quality information needed for your Association.

Easy Step-By-Step Instructions

Once you have your Association's information, the instructions take you through where and how to enter the information into the Reserve Program. With this Program, determine your Reserves like a Pro, with no prior experience necessary!

No Need To Pay A Professional

Why pay thousands of dollars to an outside consultant for an initial Reserve Study, and continue to pay more for Annual updates, when you can instead use the Reserve Program to complete the Study and updates yourself, at a fraction of the cost!

One Time Fee of $399.95, 120-Day Money Back Guarantee