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Let’s Get Started!

Congratulations and Thank you!! By purchasing this Program, you are taking a great step toward better financial management of your Condominium Association!  
There are just a few steps to follow here, easy as 1-2-3, and soon you will be calculating your Association’s Reserves like a Pro!

Step 1:  Information about You and Purchase invoice  (please complete)

Upon completion, hit the “send” button!  After I review your information, I will send your Association the Condominium Association Reserve Program to the email address provided.  You will then be able to start your Reserve Study!                                              

Step 2:  An invoice will be sent to your Association at the address provided, in the amount of $399.95 (plus 6% sales tax if your Association is located in Michigan).

Step 3: Upon receipt, your Association should pay the invoice, following the instructions in the invoice.  Thank you!!